Spring 2015

Hi folks,

What a fantastic morning on the farm!  Our daily walk has transformed from a being a race to stay warm, to a leisurely stroll.  We listen to the sounds of the returning birds and smell the scent of spring.  After months of sensory deprivation it sure is a welcome change.

Planting for the vegetable CSA is well under way!  In a few days, we will transition our first round of plantings from the germination chamber into the greenhouse.  Compared to last year, this spring has begun basically stress free!  If you recall, spring forgot to show up last year, and we battled cold and snow into June!  We used our whole stress quota for the season before it even began!  This year, we have all our stress in the bank still, as it were.

I recently read that California uses 2M gallons of fresh water a DAY fracking for natural gas.  This is a state that is in the third year of severe drought!  It is also the 5th largest food producing area in the world.  This whole scenario is insane.  We can not globalize our food.  A strong community is a food secure community, and the more farmers, farms, and food skilled people we have, the better off we will be.  The local food movement could not have come at a better time.  In fact, I believe it has been a response to these environmental issues.

I recently spoke to a classroom about CSA’s and our farm, and I was asked why I started farming.  My answer: Because if the grocery stores were suddenly empty tomorrow, I would not starve.  I wanted to have the skills to grow food for my family as well as for my community.   Theresa and I have devoted the last 15 years to this end.  We have been called insane by some.  (Maybe we are – I won’t argue that one.)  But I do know that I am looking forward to the first fresh salad from the garden, the toasted tomato sandwiches, and the savoury grilled zucchini!

Thanks to all who have chosen to join our farm this season.  Obviously you deem us sane enough to get the job done.   I will head out and sharpen our hoes.

All the best, Geoff


3 thoughts on “Spring 2015

  1. For all the reasons you wrote, Geoff…I wish I knew how to do what you do. I’m happy you and Theresa are farming for OUR family. Cheers and here’s looking forward to another awesome year!!!

  2. Well, if what you are doing is insane….don’t ever stop!!!!! I pray that it will be a somewhat stress free year for you and that more and more doors will open for you’re farm.
    Love always

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