March 2017

Hi folks,

We are mid way through March and the snow continues to blow outside.  Good day to write down some thoughts on the winter that was, and the upcoming growing season!

We both had a really good winter.  Our main focus was our health.  As we get older, this seems to take more of an effort.  With our kids out of the house, one bedroom was turned into a modest work out and yoga space.  Between that and some dietary changes, we feel pretty good.  We experimented with going vegan.  Highly recommended even just for the educational component.  It forced us to think outside the meat box, and get creative with foods we use far too seldom.

In the long run, we don’t plan on sticking with any particular dietary “label”.  The fact is that for Theresa and I, what we eat is probably changing to reflect what we like to produce on the farm and that is mainly vegetables!  The good news for you is that we continue to be motivated to share what we grow each summer and so we look forward to doing another year of the vegetable CSA. (register now if you haven’t done so already)

For some reason we feel super prepared for summer which probably means we’ve forgotten something big.  Seed order – Check.  Greenhouse supplies – Check.  Oh well, we’ll deal with it when arrives.

Here are some things we plan to experiment with in the garden this year:  Brussel sprouts for one.  We have never grown them before, and so besides some reading we have no idea what to expect.  Cauliflower is another.  We grew it years ago, but found it “fussy”.  But like a lot of vegetables, sometimes picking the right variety makes all the difference.  We will also try new cut greens, particularly ones that are not in the brassica family.  Don’t worry we won’t nix the favs like arugula, but we continue to be inundated year after year with the flea beetle.  We combat it mostly with agricultural cloth as a barrier.  But it is not fool proof, and if something was going to cause us to retire early, it would be the flea beetle.  There are a few other new vegetables on the list but I can’t remember them all right now.  Nothing wrong with some surprises along the way.

Thats about all I have to say for the middle of March, but check back here regularly this summer.  I plan on posting farm updates in addition to the emails that go out to our share members weekly.