June 2017

Hi folks,

Well, we have sent out the “ready set go” emails, and we are preparing to harvest our first bins of the season.  Gimli will get their bins this Saturday the 10th, and Farm pick up and Winnipeg the following Tuesday the 13th.  I do believe this is our earliest start!

The month of May started cool, but conditions were good, and we marched along transplanting our seedlings out of the greenhouse.  Some of the last crops will go out this week, so our long greenhouse season will come to end as we move full time into the gardens.  Indeed, caring for the new plants in the garden while they “get their legs” keeps us on our toes.  I start my days by doing a walk about.  Up and down each row checking for pest damage, water level and of course weed pressure.

This spring the big story was the cutworm.  We always have a few, but they came on strong for some reason.  My theory is that we had a heavy snow cover right away in fall, and the frost did not go deep allowing some pests to overwinter well.  For a few weeks there, I was spending an hour or more on search and destroy missions each morning.  I’d “pinch” up to 100 cutworms in the beets and onions alone!  We had extra onion transplants, so I was able to replace those, but the first planting of beets almost completely went down.  We reseeded right away, and thankfully, the cutworm season is now over, and I’m happy to report, not many of them survived my tenacity.  One tip if you have cutworms – keep your mouth closed when you pinch them.

Rain is on our minds a lot.  On the one hand, the dry conditions are great for working as there are no rain delays or muddy feet in the garden.  And we can add water.  We have been irrigating steadily.  But there is nothing like the real thing.  We had a thunderstorm just over a week ago, and it brought maybe a quarter inch, and by the next morning everything had doubled in size.  Makes my irrigation efforts seem like a lot of work.

All said, the gardens right now look great.  We are on track to have some solid bins over the next weeks.  I would like to list all the stuff that may come out of the gardens this month, but I don’t want to offend the powers that be.  Suffice it to say there should be lots of good eats.

Besides the CSA, I will also be at the Arnes Farmers Market each Saturday with produce, so if you are reading this and did not get a share from our farm, we’d love to see you there.

All the best, and watch your email for my weekly updates on our harvest adventures.