Boundary Creek Farm is located in the Interlake, west of Winnipeg Beach. Our farm is a nice mix of trees, yard site, and fertile land. We have 3 acres in vegetables.

We are Geoff and Theresa Dyck.   We moved here with our 4 kids from Winnipeg in 2001 after a brief time in Southern Ontario apprenticing on organic farms. We both have a rural background, and returning to the “farm” was like coming home for us. Armed with piles of energy and a desire to grow our own food, Boundary Creek Farm started with very modest intentions of supplying others with food.

But as the years went by, we naturally began to meet the demand for fresh, local produce, and we have now been selling for 15 years. We believe in growing produce naturally, without the use of synthetic chemicals. We have a strong reverence for nature’s balance, choosing to work along with nature, not against her. We believe after all, that we are one and the same as the earth and what we do to our home, we do to ourselves.