Veggies we grow

Note:  this is a general guide and is subject to change.

Arugula.  We grow a variety of “cut greens” throughout the season.  Arugula is one of our favourites with a really nutty flavour.

Green beans.  Always an anticipated treat from the garden each summer.  We plant enough beans for at least two weeks of picking.

Beets.  Easy to grow, and one of our favourites for the table.  We grow a variety of beets from golden and other “non bleeding” beets, to the regular beets with deep rich colour.  We try to keep a regular supply throughout the season.

Broccoli.  We do a spring planting and fall planting of broccoli.

Brussel Sprouts.  New!  Since we have not tried these before, we don’t know what to expect, but we will plant enough for at least one handout.

Kohlrabi.  Underrated, but a familiar vegetable with the older generation.  Given the right conditions, it grows fast, so we like to have it available early spring, and perhaps also in fall.

Cabbage.  We grow two types of cabbage. Shares receive one green and one red cabbage. These are fall varieties. Cabbage is one of those crops susceptible to a variety of pests, and so to grow it organically, we cover it with garden cloth during the growing season.

Cauliflower.  New for 2017.  Despite being somewhat fussy to grow, we couldn’t ignore cauliflower any longer as it is such a wonderful vegetable in salads, and cooking.  I particularly love the way it soaks up the rich flavours of any type of sauce.

Carrots.  Carrots are one of those vegetables that really shine when grown organically, and eaten fresh from the garden.  We try to keep a regular supply of orange and purple carrots throughout the season.

Celery.  Great flavour for fall soups and fresh eating, we attempt to have two weeks worth available in fall.

Corn.  We plant enough for two weeks.  Corn is a heat loving crop, and is probably the crop that is most susceptible to bad weather.  Always a treat when if finally arrives!

Cucumber.  We grow slicing cucumbers.  As a heat loving, mid season crop, we hand out as much as possible starting July and into fall.

Cut Greens.  In addition to Arugula, we also grow Komatsuna, Mizuna, Cress and Amaranth. Some of these are new for 2017!  Cut greens are a fast crop in the garden, and we wash and bag them so they are ready to use in salads and cooking.

Fennel.  Another vegetable that is used to flavour soups, but also great grilled, roasted and fresh in salads.  We plant it twice, once for spring handout and once for the fall.

Garlic scapes. This is the seed head to a garlic plant. It has a mild garlic flavour, great in salads, sautéed or pureed in a pesto. We hand it out in July.

Green onions. We start these early for those first bins in spring and plan to have them available right until our regular season onions are available.

Herbs.  We grow a variety of the staple herbs such as dill, parsley, basil, and cilantro.  We try to have herbs all season.

Pak Choy.  Tasty and juicy, we plant pal choy at least once during the season.

Leek.  Prized for the subtle flavour, it is a long season crop which is available in fall.

Kale.  One of the most nutritious vegetables, we grow heirloom green curly type.  It is available mid to late season.

Lettuce.  A real staple in the bins, we try to have it available all season, focusing on spring and fall.  We grow a wide variety of lettuce.

Onions.  We grow sweet onions and cooking onions. They are available in the bins from mid season into fall.

Peppers.  We love peppers.  For the share bins we grow green bell peppers, as well as Jalapeño.  New for 2017 Poblano peppers!

Potatoes.  New (again) for 2017!  We took a year off from growing potatoes to experiment with some methods to combat the colorado potato beetle.  We have our seed and will try again to supply the bins with at least one (or two) handouts.  After all, nothing compares to organically grown, new potatoes.

Pumpkins and squash.  We grow small pie pumpkins, as well as a variety of squash such as butternut, buttercup, acorn, spaghetti squash and Delicatta.

Radish.  Another real garden classic. We grow radishes for those early bins and another round in fall.

Rhubarb. Essential spring staple. Full of nutrition for our spring diets, we put it in the bins at least twice early in the season.

Spinach.  We try for a spring crop and a fall crop.  Always a real treat!!

Swiss Chard.  This is easy to grow, and has great flavour.  It is available throughout the season.

Tomatoes.  A real back bone of any garden, we put a lot of effort into growing tomatoes.  We continually search for great flavour, and varieties that suit the CSA.

Turnips.  Great for an early spring crop.

Zucchini.  Easy to grow, we have it available mid season and into fall. We grow several different varieties.